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Response to Intervention

Response to Intervention

Social and Emotional Health is a topic of concern for everyone these days.  This powerful Tier 1 video training series addresses common social and emotional issues in life for students in secondary education.

Two Unique Factors of this Program
Combination of SEL with Character Education programing. Derived from combining the curriculums of a Tier 2 and Tier 3 approaches

The School Of Life Foundation has provided the Character Education Tier 2 system, How To Achieve Straight A’s In The School Of Life.

The Tier 3 SEL is provided by Life Launch Centers which is an Intensive Outpatient Group Counseling Program for students that need a little more support outside of the school environment.

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Students Experience 26.2% Increase in Ability to Stay Calm

“Our school is happy to have the Life Launch University program as a tier 1 positive behavior system. The video series is the perfect balance of social emotional training, behavioral life skills, and character education that our students need and benefit from. This program is making a positive difference with our students!”

~ Justin Keate, Principal, Desert Hills High School


Two great things about utilizing LIfe Launch at our school are that we have opened the door to have conversations about difficult things that students have to deal with, and we have a common language to talk with students and each other. Even as the principal of the school, I’ve been able to talk with students in classes or in my office about emotions, stress, stress-tolerance tools, mindfulness and other topics that would have been difficult to bring up without the foundation of the Life Launch program.

~ SandyFerrell, Principal, Sunrise Ridge Intermediate School

“Life Launch University provides applicable life skills that we all need for success. The hands-on mindfulness opportunities are terrific and my students are gaining valuable information on how to live and maintain a balanced lifestyle.”

~ Coach Wade Turley, Desert Hills High School

State Approval
Students Experience 26.2% Increase in Ability to Stay Calm

What Parents Tell Administrators

After implementing Life Launch University's Tier 1 video training series, parents had a lot to say to school admins.

Thankful Parent

"I just want to thank you for taking on mental health and teaching the kids what they can do to manage their thoughts and emotions. My son has already had some struggles this school year and I want him to find success."

Approving Parent

"This sounds great and right on target with all the teens are experiencing and even parents. I am reading an excellent book "Getting to Calm", which talks about when intense emotions are released and "flooding" happens and how their thinking is hijacked by their emotion brain. I think this is really beneficial, thank you"

Appreciative Parent

"Yes I have seen so many positive changes in my son. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you all at the school and how much you love and support him. I know that it's in huge part because of you and your efforts that he is improving and his life is going much better. Thank you again for all your love and support."

Building Resilience, Teaching Mindfulness, Engaging Video Series

Ninety videos broken up into 18 topic weeks, this program can be adapted to fit semester, trimester, and AB day schedules.  Grounded in the most current research from Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and Resilience principles of Brené Brown, students learn the helpful and harmful sides of emotions and how to go from an overwhelmed emotional state back to a productive and logical thought process.

The current research on the positive effects of mindfulness on the developing brain inspired us to include a short Mindfulness Moment as part of each video.  With 12 different mindfulness practices, students become familiar with how to use them in school as well as  everyday life.

The Straight A’s in Life Character Education component consists of the principles of Appreciation, Assisting, Attitude, Aim, Align, Action Associate, Avoid, Adapt and Always which are derived from the School of Life Foundation.

These videos are designed to provide education rather than entertainment.  The average length of a single clip on screen in popular media is now less than 3 seconds.  The pace of today’s production standards continue to speed up and affect our ability to focus.  We intentionally chose a video presentation style that promotes instruction and increases focus.  Utilizing whiteboard animation and supplementary videos we illustrate powerful emotional and character building principles in a way teens relate to.


What Students & Teachers Think

It's already making a big difference.

Inspired Students

I like the mindful minutes

“It teaches us cool stuff about our brain”

“it has helped me in stressful situations”

“it’s calming”

Mrs Thompson

"I like how life launch gives the kids, in student friendly language, the skills that they didn’t know they needed."

Mrs. Hatch

"Life Launch has given me the tools to help students develop life long skills.

I have witnessed students use the skills they have learned through life launch when they are stressed or anxious."

Student Workbook

Starting with the Success Map, students have a daily participation instrument to ensure internalization of key concepts.  Teachers can track participation while providing the students time for individual reflection and application.

Simply download the SEL worksheet of the day, print it and the students are ready to participate in the instruction. Or skip the hassle of printing and providing binders by investing in the Wire-o bound Student Workbook.  It will become a long term support to the student and inspire helpful discussion about social-emotional principles at home.

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Student Workbook

Interactive Format for Secondary Education

No Prep Time Here! It’s as easy as log in, print, and play. 

Students learn effective emotional and character building tools while building their own success map.  Daily participation worksheets help track engagement, and the parent/adult participation elements bring these powerful principles into the home.

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Interactive Format for Secondary Education

Teaching the Resilience Model© and How to Achieve Straight A's in the School of Life™.

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