COVID-19 Relief Effort

LLU@Home -Free Month $0 - For An Entire Month

While schools are shut down get your family the emotional support they need at home.

Help Your Family Reduce Anxiety, Improve Relationships, and Prepare To Launch

A program you can do in just 10-15 minutes a day & on your own time.

No Prep Needed! Just Log In, Print & Play

"We have been using it for a week and a half now, and the biggest thing I’ve noticed and didn’t expect was how helpful it has been for me as the mom, it helps me connect with my kids but it also helps me understand my hard emotions... I hope every parent watches these videos with their kids because I think it’ll really help."​
Emily N.
Concerned Mom
“I like the mindful minutes” “It teaches us cool stuff about our brain” “it has helped me in stressful situations” “it’s calming”
Inspired Students
"As I'm watching these videos and learning these tools, I just keep thinking to myself, I wish so badly that I would have had these back when I was in school... to help me deal with social anxieties, even testing anxieties that I had back then, but I'm so grateful that I have them now so I can help my kids"
Brittany T.
Concerned Mom

LLU@Home -Free Month $0 - For An Entire Month

After the free month trial period $49/month automatic enrollment.  Paid subscription starts after the free trial period.  You will not be charged until after the trial period ends. CANCEL ANYTIME.
*Life Launch University is a program administered by The School of Life Foundation

ABC4 - St. George nonprofit makes video training series to combat anxiety during COVID-19 pandemic