Life Launch University@Home -
Free Month
For Our Pilot Schools

Thanks for Participating in School!

As the first students to experience Life Launch University at your school, we want to thank you for your participation and help you during these troubled times.  

We know a lot of you have really seen the benefits of having regular mindfulness moments and learning the Resilience Model© and how to Achieve Straight A’s in the School of Life. 

We want to make sure you have access to be able to complete your social-emotional learning during these uncertain times.  Now as your family watches the videos together and fills out the SEL worksheets of the day, you’ll have even more meaningful and deeper discussion about how to apply these principles in your home.

Parents, no worries, there’s no preparation required.  Simply Log In, print the SEL worksheet of the day and play the video.  We encourage you to watch with your children.  You’ll experience the power of this program and find ways to put these tools into practice with the whole family.